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Rudi Rok is a Finnish voice-artist, known for his viral videos on YouTube with over 50 million views and 240.000 subscribers. Roks energetic and interactive live show combines sound effects, beatboxing and comedy, creating a spectacle you haven’t seen before!

Rudi Rok has been a professional performer for over ten years and is a trusted act for events that are looking for program that is something different and amazing.
Most of the time Rok performs at corporate events, but has also gained a well known reputation in the stand-up comedy scene.

As a professional voice artist Rudi Rok’s voice can be heard in movies (eg. 2019 - Peanut, Wonder Park -the movie, Finnish version), commercials, and even in companie’s sonic logos.

Rudi Rok is a charismatic and skilled show man, that serves a never before seen spectacle that’ll make the audience wow and talk for days.
Versatile Rudi Rok performs, hosts, collaborates with talented musicians and is always ready to break new ground - in the end it’s all about the experience.


Totte Westerlund
+358 50 5711368

Anna Nurminen
+358 40 588 1839